Tamper evidence in packaging to protect your products


At Wadding Solutions we have a dedicated team and we are focused on providing clients with a personalised and efficient service. We provide our customers with a specific solution, along with samples, to test with their products.


Wadding Solutions stocks a range of closure lining materials that can be used for all sorts of products including, food and pharmaceutical products, to veterinary and agricultural products.

What is Closure Lining?

Closure lining is a process where a machine cuts and inserts a seal into a cap / closure ready to be used to seal bottles or containers.

Our Services

We have a substantial tooling library for our automatic machines. We can line a wide range of caps and closures in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Customer Care is our top priority and with this Quality Management System Certified qualification we are able to provide our clients with the confidence they require in the service we provide.

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E: sales@waddingsolutions.co.nz

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