Closure lining offers protection and increased shelf life

Sealing products in containers or jars with plastic screw caps is nothing new, however it is becoming more common for the food and beverage industry where compliance is essential and the threat of product tampering is rampant.

All food related products going overseas in today’s market require the packaging to have a form of tamper evidence. Supply without the interruption of damage is a crucial element of export not only for the food industry but also the veterinary, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sectors.

By using a combination of appropriate packaging (a hermetic seal in a tamper evident screw cap) exporters can confidently send their products overseas knowing that their goods will reach their destination without interference before going to market.

Closure lining offers the manufacturer tamper evidence, but can also assist with increased shelf life and the ability to freight a product without it leaking - it only takes one leaker to contaminate an entire shipment of product which can cause months of disruption.

Closure lining is what we are passionate about – we can offer a range of materials which give value to plastics and glass packaging in a wide range of industries. We have a substantial tooling library for our automatic machines so we can line a wide range of caps and closures in a variety of sizes and shapes.

We have a dedicated team and we are focused on providing our clients with a personalized and efficient service. We take the time to speak with our clients in a confidential manner and provide them with a specific solution along with samples to test with their products. We encourage our clients to thoroughly test their packaging as by doing so they prevent any problems occurring before production commences.

As well as our purpose built cleanroom, we have our own testing facility onsite with an Enercon Induction Sealer set up to test your packaging. With a large support network of material suppliers and industry related machinery manufacturers we can help you with your packaging challenges.

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