Closure Lining to Protect your Products

Closure lining from Wadding Solutions can be used for all sorts of products, from food to agricultural, including:

  • The lift-and-peel seal on the top of a milk bottle that you peel off before you pour

  • The tiny induction seal liner you peel off before you use a tube of moisturiser

  • The tabbed induction seal you peel off before you guzzle a sports drink

  • The freshness seal that covers your protein powder or vitamin tablets

  • The liner that keeps peanut butter fresh and prevents any leakage of oil

  • The protective liner you remove from your insecticide before you mix a solution to feed your plants or kill your weeds

  • The foam gasket seal that is in many screw caps, but not often noticed.

All food-related products going overseas in today’s market require the packaging to have a form of tamper evidence. Supply without the interruption of damage is a crucial element of export, not only for the food industry, but also the veterinary, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sectors.

By using a combination of appr

Closure lining offers the manufacturer tamper evidence, but can also assist with increased shelf life and the ability to freight a product without it leaking – it only takes one leaked item to contaminate an entire shipment of product, causing significant disruption.

The Wadding Solutions answer

Closure lining is what the team at Wadding Solutions is passionate about. The company offers a range of materials which give value to plastics and glass packaging in a wide range of industries.

They have a substantial tooling library for their automatic machines, so they can line a wide range of caps and closures in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Wadding Solutions has a dedicated team and is focused on providing clients with a personalised and efficient service. Staff take

the time to speak with clients in a confidential manner and provide them with a specific solution, along with samples, to test with their products.

They encourage clients to thoroughly test their packaging in order to prevent any problems occurring before production begins.

As well as their purpose-built cleanroom, Wadding Solutions has its own testing facility onsite, with an Enercon induction sealer set up to test your packaging.

With a large support network of material suppliers and industry related machinery manufacturers, the company can help with any packaging challenges.

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